A tale of two midfielders


This summer we could witness two major midfield transfers take place that would rock the current transfer betting markets with the likes of Titan Bet and truly shock the footballing world. The first is Gareth Bale’s expected move from Tottenham to Real Madrid in a sensational swoop that would cost the Spanish giants £85m. The second, Wesley Sneijder sneaking through the Premier League back door and signing for Chelsea at a cut-price £12.75m.

The difference between the two sums is staggering if you take both players on face value. Bale, it is clear, is the better man on the day having this season proven himself to be a predatory goalscorer and battler in the Spurs midfield. His marketability alone is now worth millions to Tottenham and that’s why they are loath to release him unless Madrid offer an astronomical amount.

Yet is Bale really seven times more valuable than Sneijder? The Dutchman may be 29 but only three summers ago was named midfielder of the year at the 2010 World Cup and his contribution effectively got Holland to the final. He’s a proven world-class player having won league titles everywhere he’s been and his game isn’t dictated by pace, so he’s got five good years left in the tank.

Few can dispute Bale’s price tag but how can Sneijder be worth so much less than the Welshman? If age is the only concern then Titan Bet punters only have to look at Frank Lampard to see a player who defies the clock and instead adapts his game to play regular matches.

Another gripe with Sneijder is his wage demands but they won’t be as large as Bale’s and the value of his presence in any Premier League midfield would certainly outweigh his hefty salary.

It is disappointing such a great player has spent the last six months in Turkey asking clubs if they’ll give him a chance, for Sneijder should really have managers queuing at the door to sign him.

But that is the world of football and whoever is flavour of the month often sees their price rise, which is why QPR paid £12m for Chris Samba while Spurs pinched Rafael van der Vaart for just £8m.

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