Beckham Wish To Stay In LA

There is a lot of expectations for David Beckham’s move to Paris St Germain, but now it comes to end. Beckham does not wish this move because of his family. He only gives priority to wife and children; he said children need stability and comfort. Galaxy also offers one year extension in deal and tries to keep him.

He said: “I had a good relationship with Leonardo when I was in Milan. I’m flattered he wants me to join him and the team in Paris.

“But I’m a Galaxy player, I live in Los Angeles, I am happy there.

“My family is my No 1 priority. They come first and where they are happy is where I stay, it’s that simple.

He added: “My children go to school in LA and have done for five years. They are at the age where stability is important, so we’ll see.

“I always said I will wait until the end of the season, see how I feel physically and then decide. There is no urgency on my part.

“We should make the play-offs, we still have two matches to go and I’ll focus on that and worry about the rest later.”

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