Blues Planned For Their Victory

Chelsea has won their match against Sunderland at 2-1 on Saturday, John Terry and Daniel Sturridge shared this victory. Chelsea’s Boss Andre Villas-Boas enjoyed continues victory and praised players for their effort. He said the point’s difference in points table is not an issue at this time and have strong hope to finish this season at first position. 
He also said about Fernando Torres’s bench position and mentioned him to fight more for his place in Chelsea. Chelsea’s captain John Terry gave good performance as a player as well as captain. Villas-Boas has said this victory came by how they planned and ready to give like same game.

Andre Villas-Boas said: “Today, it went very well for us in terms of what we want to achieve, not that we haven’t tried to do it before, but it just didn’t happen in the other three games.

“Fortunately, today we were able to play the passing game that relates more to how we train, and the team played very, very well. I am very happy with the display.”

He continued:”The 2-1, of course, is avoidable and that brought an edge to the last three minutes, but we can only say that Chelsea deserved to win and we were very consistent in the first and second halves.

“I am very happy with the efforts of everybody.”

Villas-boas told about Torres are: “I don’t feel brave to have taken Fernando out of the team. This situation has nothing to do with that.

“I have four wonderful strikers and all of them compete for the four positions. All offer different kinds of things and talent and today the choice fell to Anelka. There is nothing special about it.

“Fernando offers the same and has been doing magnificently well as well for the last three games. Nico  has shown what he can do with the minutes he has been having in for the last three games and today we decided to go with him. Anelka has been with us over the international break and we decided that Nicolas Anelka was the one.

“To get back into the first team he just has to compete. It is nothing special. Everybody has to compete for their place and he has to complete just like all the other players.”



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