Euro 2012: Spain’s Victory and Highlights of Final.

La Roja smashed Italy in European Championships 2012 and made new history in football. Spain once again showed their strength to the world, they are still unbeatable. 4-0 victory over Italy in final is really amazing result from them. Chelsea man Fernando Torres entered into ground for replace Cesc Fabregas and stole Golden Boot from other players with 84th minute goal. In this match also Spain dominated the ball possession and their passing technique. Italy gave us not a good game like their Quarter-finals and Semi-finals.

Andres Iniesta is man, who gave extraordinary performance throughout the tournament. In overall performance Iniesta got good performer among all players. Xavi’s game stunned us. He didn’t make any mistakes and passing also marvelous. There is nothing to discuss more because everybody watched this biggest final and history making final. I just share my enthusiasm through this word to my friends of football.

Euro Final Highlights:


Euro 2012 Final: Spain Vs Italy Preview

Finally this year’s biggest tournament in football comes to an end. All the celebrations are going to over in few hours. Spain is preparing to win another big cup and consecutive win in European Championships. Italy has reached the final with great victory over top teams in the world and reached their fourth European Finals. Both team’s managers have planned very well and chose players according to the opponents. We can expect more surprises and plans from this great final. Spain has been played unbeatable game in this tournament, eager to lift the cup after 2008.

If Spain wins this match, it will be their third successive victory and this will be a new history for them. Spain has massive victory percentage from last 19 matches without defeat and they didn’t allow opponent team to score goal in their last nine major tournaments.

Top Performers in Spain:
  • ·         Hero of 2010 World Cup final, Andred Iniesta is playing fine game from the beginning of this tournament. And his supportive game to his team mates is really amazing.
  • ·         Another midfielder from Spain, who scored double in crucial match, is Xabi Alonso. His has marvelous ability to score more goals.
  • ·         Midfielders Sergio Busquets Burgos and Cesc Fabregas are contributing their individual game to the team.
  • ·         Iker Casilles, the captain, goal keeper, have saved many dangerous goals and leading his team towards victories from World Cup 2010.

Italy is going play their 31st match against Spain and they have won their last two games by individual performance and team work. They are giving very difficult and defensive play to opponent team to score. Azzurri gave fine answer for Will it be 7th time or a new start? to Germany in semi-finals and still unbeatable by Germany. So this time they will be stronger.

Top Performers in Italy:
  • ·         Andrea Pirlo’s game truly brilliant one and his balancing abilities in ground are showing his talent.
  • ·         Midfielder Daniele De Rossi should get salute for his performance in Euro 2012.
  • ·         Unstoppable Mario Balotelli scored double goal last match against Germany and looking for more goals to score, so Spain should make some plans to stop this man.
  • ·         Striker Antonio Cassano and Defender Andrea Barzagli are playing tremendous game and give more pressure to opponent players.

In last four Head to Head matches; Spain won two matches, Italy won one and one match without victory for either side.
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Germany Vs Italy: Will it be 7th time or a New start?

Germany has bad history against Italy, Joachim Low hopes this is the chance to change that name. In all the major tournaments Italy stops Germany from reach next levels. It includes World cup and Two European Championships. Germany found always negative result against Italians, Low believes this time they will change that. He also mentioned strength of present Italy team and their tactics. Cesare Prandelli, Italy coach, said they have specific plans against Germany and deliver attacking force by using more young players. The fact is, he achieved victory with those plans. Every match Italy delivers well defensive and attacking game against opponents. Now Italy has been changed a lot now, there are many changes in Italy team so Low trusts they can beat Italians.

Germany also looks very strong in this tournament and they smashed all the teams play against them. Low said they have precise game plan for every team and every match. If Italy beats Germany, this will be seventh time victory over Germany. If Germany beats Italy, There will be a big celebration for Germany. The main thing about match is selection of players against opponents. Germany players did many mistakes in last match to score, but they must overcome all those mistakes against Italy to change their history.

Italy also fought hard against England in Quarter-finals, they didn’t allow England player to score in 120 minutes of the game. They have proved their penalty skills against England, but they should score to continue their record against Germany. This game will be a great treat for both supporters and toughest battle for both teams. Luck and miracle won’t give victory in football, deep planning and aggressive play will give win. Let’s see, which fact is going proved in this match?

Hodgson Has Praised England Players

England has been ruled out from Euro Championships by Italy in Quarter-finals. In Euro 2012, England was expected a lot because they had that much of stuff over them. England’s new manager Roy Hodgson has talked very gently after their defeat. He didn’t blame any players for their missed opportunities in the field. Three Lions has struggled before starting this tournament because they met unexpected injuries and suspensions. Hodgson has planned very well for each and every position in the team and made one balanced team for Euro 2012. Players also delivered their one hundred percentages of efforts for the team and got fine results. Hodgson also mention Wayne Rooney’s performance against Italy. After returned from suspend, Rooney had lots of pressure over his head. We are all known he is one of the best strikers in the world, but he couldn’t do with that many expectations.
Defensive and striking force of England got lots of improvement; they showed that in this event. Hodgson doesn’t want John Terry and Ashley Cole’s retirement because this isn’t end for them.
One more thing there is lots of comparison talk England’s game with Chelsea. The ball possession of England in Euro 2012 was 39% only. And they had the same methods and tactics of Chelsea’s Champions League. This is football and it has set of rules to play. So it may look like another team’s tactics, but there is lots of hard work behind that every move.

Euro 2012: England Vs Ukraine Report

England has entered to quarter-final by beat Ukraine 1-0. Finally Wayne Rooney has scored for England and this goal help England to go next level in Euro 2012. In Euro 2012, quarter-final matches are going to start soon and every qualifier should fight harder to lift the cup. Ukraine played their must win match against England, but they didn’t make it well with one doubtful goal. Videos showed ball crossed the line before John Terry cleared that, but it is football we can’t blame anyone for this. Ukraine fought with attacking game and hard to break them by England players. First half Ukraine’s strikers got many chances to score, but England’s defensive play stopped them. JohnTerry and Joleon Lescott made a fantastic defensive wall for England and Captain Steven Gerrard also did fine job.

Second half Wayne Rooney made England fans happy by scored a brilliant goal with head. Ukraine’s striker couldn’t score in second-half as well, but they tried lot. First-half Ukraine dominated in shots for goal than England. 44,000 fans were presented to support their home team, England has 4000 supporters. Ukraine has shined more in this journey and created new history by defeat Sweden by 2-1 in Euro Championships.



• Defender John Terry played an aggressive game to stop Ukraine players to score and also did one fantastic save.
• Captain Steven Gerrard led his team according to their situation and kicked many crosses for strikers.
• Along with Terry, defender Lescott cooperated in the defensive department.


• Combination of Yevhen Konoplyanka and Marko Devic gave huge pressure to England defenders. Both these players did job nicely.
• Yaroslav Rakitskiy did not allow England players to dangerous zone.

To watch highlights of this match click here

Euro 2012: Ukraine Vs Sweden Report

35 years old Andriy Shevchenko’s double goal gives victory for host team Ukraine against Sweden in group D match in Euro 2012. Shevchenko’s performance took the game from Sweden completely. From Sweden side Zlatan Ibrahimovic has entered 1-0 on scoreboard in 52nd minutes of the match. In the 55th minutes of the match Shevchenko storm was started. Two goals in seven minutes bring victory to Ukraine. Shevchenko got standard ovation for his outstanding game from fans because this is the first win for Ukraine in European Championship. 



• Other than Shevchenko, Ukraine midfielder Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and striker Andrey Voronin are played with full of energy throughout the match.


• Sweden’s goal scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic proved his talent and fought untill final whistle.


Ukraine’s  Shevchenko:

“I feel great, like I am 20 years old, so I feel fine.This was a historic game for us, a great victory.“I feel less adrenaline in my body now, but more in my head. I tried to be at my best, and I succeded.“I would like to thank everyone who supported me to be fit for the Euros. I had some fitness problems before the tournament, but I am here now!”“I believe we can achieve a lot with this team,”

Sweden’s Ibrahimovic:

“It’s tough to swallow.We should never have lost this match.”“We were leading 1-0 and were in control. This should not be happening.”“Now the situation is like it is. We have two matches to make a better impression.”

Euro 2012: England Vs France Report

England has played their first match in Euro 2012 against France and finished with 1-1. Roy Hodgson’s boys showed decent game against France. England player Joleon Lescott scored the first goal of the match and led his team with one goal advantage, but it was not continuing after 39th minute of the match. Yes, France’s Samir Nasri has equalized the score board by a brilliant goal on six minutes before Half-time. The second 45 minutes gave lots of planning to both teams. There was no goal on second half, but England has built their defense deeper than first half. France players couldn’t break that force from England. France also didn’t allow England players to score in second half and they showed again they are strong in middle field.



• Steven Gerrard, England’s Captain, has played very well and made some important partnerships with co-players and did his job nicely.
• Ashley Cole and John Terry were showed their excellent defending plan and took the game from France in the second-half.

• Though Florent Malouda failed to score, France midfielder Samir Nasri has scored one goal and saved his side from defeat.
• France defender Mathieu Deduchy added his contribution for team very well.


Roy Hodgson, England’s Coach-

  ” I hope this gives us a good platform. We played well and I am obviously pleased for the players most of all. We were playing against a top team who ask questions of you when they get the ball. They are very patient with a lot of talented players. When they get the ball around your final third they don’t panic so you have to be very disciplined in your defending.”

“So to come away with a 1-1 and to have asked the questions we did, I have got to be quite happy. Sure, we need to improve our final ball. The decision making in the final third was sometimes a bit anxious, but we’ll get better. The longer we play together, the better we’ll become. I hope we’ve established ourselves as hard to beat – you don’t become a really good team in three matches and 10 training sessions – but we’ll get match fitter with every day. I’m pleased the game’s out of the way and pleased the players have shown they can cope well at this level.”

Patrice Evra, France Player:

“We are frustrated that it ended in a draw, I think we played much better than them. At times it was like there were 15 bodies on the line. It was really difficult for us to find the space because they played in the way that Chelsea played against Barcelona. People laugh… maybe they want England to play more football but, if they win the tournament like that, they will be happy.”

Steven Gerrard, England’s Captain:

“We’re satisfied.We won’t get carried away and it was always going to be a platform; nothing else.

“But it’s great to get off the off the mark points-wise. Now we need to follow this up with a win.”

Welcome Euro 2012

One of the greatest events in football is going to start soon and all the teams are preparing to show their talents. This year’s most expected event in football is Euro 2012. Two weeks before only all the main events amongst clubs has been finished so now the time to support the national teams. Four groups, 16 teams and two countries for host this Euro 2012. Poland and Ukraine are going to give this amazing treat to football fans and it will be a huge tournament for teams also. Most of the eyes are focused on England because of their new boss Roy Hodgson. Hodgson has changed the team totally and inserted new technique for his first big tournament. He has listed England team with performance only, but so much of injury gave him lots of confusions. In the end of this Euro 2012 will decide whether he chose the players effectively or not.
Group B will be a class one because Top teams Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Netherlands are included in that. This Group gives us nice play time throughout the tournament. All are knockout rounds so there won’t be second chance for them. Spain is working hard for consecutive win in Euro 2012. After one year, Fernando Torres called for national team so it will be an important one for him.
I described some of the teams and players only, but we have to wait and see for new raising stars in this Euro 2012. It is difficult to cover all the qualities from a single player, but he should show his respect to his country by a nice game.

Cristiano Ronaldo Supports England In Euro 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo, the name itself gives you some attraction in your mind because without any doubt, he is one of the best players in the planet. After winning La Liga title, he talked about Euro 2012 and supported England. Ronaldo has told England has good-quality players and a new manager so the chance of winning Euro 2012 is more for them. He also mentioned that he likes England a lot because he has more friends there. When he was 18, he entered to Manchester united. Sir Alex Ferguson thought him many great things and supported him very much in his six years of life in Manchester United. And ronaldo wondered about selection of England squad for Euro 2012 because they left Rio Ferdinand and he thinks it’s a big mistake.

27 years-old Ronaldo has mentioned Sir Alex, and Jose Mourinho are the best coaches in the world, but at present he supports Mourinho very much. Mourinho said that Ronaldo would get Ballon d’Or award this year. Ronaldo admitted that, but he is waiting for Euro 2012 to conclude that decision. The best competitor for Ronaldo is none other than Lionel Messi. He stated that comparison thing, specifically because he doesn’t like that. He thinks Messi plays for different club and country, so there is no need to say who is best. He added that this contrast was useless like compare Ferrari and Porsche.Ronaldo is concentrating to win Real Madrid’s 10th Champions League cup and told Champions League is the best completion amongst clubs. He is waiting to lift the Champions League cup next year or the next. He also told 10th European Cup for them is the biggest thing in the future.