Frank Lampard new deal with Chelsea is hesitated

Frank Lampard new deal with Chelsea is hesitated by his agent and he will say “good bye” to all in Stamford Bridge.

Frank Lampard

Chelsea’s legend Frank Lampard will leave Stamford Bridge in end of this season and his agent has confirmed his relieve from club.

Lampard’s agent Steve Kutner made this clear in his talk and 193 goals scorer in Chelsea will probably move from Chelsea.

Kutner: “Chelsea executives told Frank in Japan during the Club World Cup then again reconfirmed with me after the Everton victory that in no circumstances will he be offered a new contract to stay at the club after the end of this season.

“Nothing since has changed in any respect.

“Frank has had to accept that and just wants to carry on playing football for Chelsea so as to finish the season as successfully as possible for the club that he loves.”

This will be a big loss for the team as well as fans because Lampard did an outstanding role for them. Chelsea needs a lot of time to make a player like Lampard, but no one replaces him in any point.

‘sign him up, sign him up’ song for Lampard makes him very emotional bond with team and he thanked to all.

Lampard: “They supported me throughout my career here and particularly in recent weeks,” he said of the Chelsea fans.

“The way they were with me then is the way they have been recently and all the time I’ve been here. I just wanted to say thanks back.

“That is our platform to say thanks back when we’re on the pitch, to first of all do the business because they pay the money to come and watch and when they have been so good to me, just to say it back to them. That is genuinely how I feel.

“This club has been amazing to me and the club is the fans so I can only thank them.

“I am enjoying my football, I have to say. I am enjoying the moment. I know there is a lot of talking going around but I am actually really enjoying playing.

“That’s what it is all about really so even if there is certain things going on your head, I think when I run out there and the fans support me the way I do, it can’t help but make you a bit emotional.”

LA Galaxy has been linked with Lampard since their visit to America before this season started. He may follow his old team mate David Bechkam’s path.


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