Gerrard’s Confident Talk for New season

steven gerrard 2012

steven gerrard 2012
Steven Gerrard, Liverpool captain, told that they can finish Premier League 2012-13 in top four positions. He has been more confident about that and believes new manager’s work for team.

Last season was really bad for Liverpool because they finished at eighth position in points table and they lost in FA Cup finals against Chelsea on their favorite ground. Liverpool had fired Kenny Dalgish, after they got the bad result in the whole year.

Gerrard has mentioned they are not deserved for what they have got, and they will bounce back to top position in new season. He told this is not an impossible one, and they have lots of new targets ahead. Gerrard’s confident tells they are doing great for their success.

He has been more confident about their game. They have got lots of criticism in last year because of their poor performance. He is preparing to remove those criticisms with their game and maintaining patience.

Gerrard said: “I am not being unrealistic. If we can play like we did in a lot of games last season, be clinical and take our chances, I think we will be high up in the table. I do.”

This is the third time Liverpool are failed  to participate in Champions League trip. Gerrard has mentioned they will join in Champions League because he thinks Champions League is the dream completion for all teams.

He is also feeling happy about their new manager Brendan Rodgers’s work and energy. Liverpool has given him new tasks for a new season on his first debut. Rodgers is telling to team that think and act like a top team so this will help them in many ways.

Gerrard was not happy about last year final result and he looks forward to achieving new goals.

He concluded: “If you perform hard enough and well enough, it will come. That is the only way you get it.”


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