Henry Returns To Arsenal

Thierry Henry has returned to his old club Arsenal on loan from the New York Red Bulls, his news confirmed by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger. Wenger said he needs two weeks training for start the game. Team Arsenal needs striker for a couple of months that’s the reason to call Henry. Wenger praised Henry for his game and talent. 34 years old, Henry will sign for new papers on January 1st and joined for practice with Arsenal players. Henry also very happy about this deal and ready to show his happiness on game. Wenger said: “Nobody expects him to be what he was 10 years ago,we just want him to help out.
“I think it is credit to him to want to help a club that has given him so much. Therefore I feel there is no pressure to be the player he was before.
“You can never take away from people what they have done, that will remain for ever.
“The same with Thierry. It’s just that we need a short-term solution.
“You do not find players of this quality who are available for two months.”
He added: “The deal should happen but you have to respect the paperwork has to be done.
“We’re doing it first of all because Gervinho and Chamakh go to the Africa Nations Cup and cover for two months is ideal.”


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