If Cristiano Ronaldo scores,Real Madrid wins definitely

Cristiano Ronaldo is having interesting record in Real Madrid and his goals led The Whites in victory path so far.

Cristiano Ronaldo

If Cristiano scores, you can decide the Real Madrid’s victory by 96% and the remaining 4% is draw, but there is no room for defeat.

No.7 player is holding a different kind of record for his current club and this is following him since his arrival. It means Real Madrid’s win and his goal always having positive result in the end.

Total number of matches he scored 78(75 won, three drawn) so far in Real Madrid. This is new way to find Real Madrid result before referee blows final whistle. It could be a win or draw

First Season:

19 matches he scored, the Whites won all those matches.


18 matches he scored, 17 wins, one draw.


27 matches he scored, 26 wins, one draw


14 matches he score so far, 13 wins and one draw

Again, Cristiano Ronaldo makes miracle with his free-kicks.  15 free-kick goals gave 100% victory to Real Madrid (10 in La Liga and 5 in Champions League).

Therefore, he gives new tip to the fans and opponents who are all facing Real Madrid. If he scores in field goal, opponents have only 4% to draw the match. If he scores in free-kicks, the victory has been registered for Real Madrid.

Meantime, the Whites has another positive statistics with them. The midfielders have scored 23% of their total goals.

Seven out of eight midfielders has scored for them this season.

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