Jose Mourinho: La Liga is the best League

Jose Mourinho said La Liga is the best League in the world and Real Madrid and Barcelona are the World’s finest teams.

Real Madrid didn’t make any new signings this year, but they are still strong and unstoppable. Last season they have scored 121 goals and reached 100 points first time in League history.

Mourinho questioned: “I don’t think the champion will reach 100 points,
I don’t think the champion will score 120 goals. I think these are numbers to stay in the history for a long time. I don’t think we can do it or Barcelona will do it.”

He is very happy and proud about being in La Liga. He stated Real Madrid is good in financially and technically.

49-year-old coach has signed by Real Madrid in 2010, and he did win the last term’s title with great historical victory. He feels better here and team also feels the same with him.

Real Madrid is very young and better than last year, so there is no need of a new players on the team. In the meantime, they are trying to sign Spurs player Luka Modric.

Pre-season matches are over, and Real Madrid started and finished that very well. They have proven that against AC Milan by (5-1).

He stated, after beating Milan: “Our squad is strong. It’s good. It’s young. And we feel no needs,”

Furthermore, he mentioned Real Madrid is no need to worry about financial fair play UEFA.

Sir Alex Ferguson told about Paris St-Germain’s new signings of this year “when somebody’s paying 45 million euros ($56 million) for a 19-year-old boy, you have to say the game’s gone mad.”

Mourinho commented on that statement: “You pay 40 million (euros) to a club, that club is going to spent this 40 million buying two or three players from smaller clubs. The smaller clubs get the money, so somebody has to make the circles go around,”

So Real Madrid will fight hard to defend their title and 10th Champions League Cup. Mourinho believes players fitness and energy, so this year will be a best one for them.


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