Kaka has scored two fantastic goals against Athletic Bilbao. Player of the year 2007 award has been given to this Brazilian. This is the critical position to attract his supporters. Most of the days he has suffered by injuries in this season, but he came with the same game spirit. Kaka said: “Those two goals are good for my self-confidence, they are very important goals.I understand the fans (criticism towards him). I hope that with time and with important games I can win over the supporters again. I only ask they give me time.
“I need to work hard to enjoy football again. The only problem was with my knee, which limited me from playing all out. I have to work hard in this final stretch of the season. I hope to have fun playing football. I feel like I owe it to Real Madrid and the fact that I haven’t fulfilled expectations bothers me.”
“Madrid can defeat Barcelona, they are not unbeatable. We have to believe we can win La Liga, the Copa and the Champions League, but first we need to focus on Tottenham.” Kaka added.


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