Luis Suarez working on his temperament



Luis Suarez, who got himself a ten match-ban after biting Chelsea’s defender Branislav Ivanovic is working on controlling his behavior. Speaking with ESPN he admitted that he is learning not to lose his cool on the pitch.

Liverpool in-form striker who has fallen under many controversies because of his temperament on the pitch is adamant not to let his attitude take the best out of him. Currently being the top scorer in Barclays Premier League with twenty goals in fifteen games, he has earned the Barclay’s player of the month award.

With top notch performances and 100% commitment in every game, the 26 year old deserves appreciation on wanting to improve his behaviour on the field. Speaking with ESPN, he said, ‘My temperament, my attitude, my desire and hunger when I was on the pitch has always been like this and will continue to be this way. I know now that I have to control it a bit more.’

“An example came about two weeks ago I had an open shot on goal that hit the post. It rebounded close to my hand, and I was about to go for it but then stopped. If the same thing happened two months ago I would have gone for it.

“These things stay with me, but I’m changing, I’m improving my attitude on the pitch because I know I was wrong in the past. I was creating an image of myself that I know wasn’t me.”

Luis Suarez has removed any further speculations about his departure from Liverpool by signing a contract extension deal. He has finally buried rumours of joining Real Madrid or Arsenal and admitted he is content to be a Liverpool player.

He said, “I want to play football and I want to help Liverpool win as long as possible. I’m happy to be in the Premier League, which is the best league in the world. This is what matters to me.”

“As for the financial aspects, you always want to be comfortable for the future because the career of a footballer is short. I wish it wasn’t so short, but after having lived through some difficult times growing up I’m in a very comfortable situation today, thanks to the good work and effort I’ve shown over the last few seasons.

“Today all I am thinking about is Liverpool. I don’t want to create any controversy or anything. I am more than happy with my life here and my wife and children are very happy as well. We are very content with our lives.

“I am with a spectacular club that I’ve always wanted to play for. The team is playing well, I feel comfortable on the pitch, I feel comfortable despite what happens in other stadiums. I love playing here in England and that is the only thing I think about.”


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