The great victory over Manchester City is very good start for Premier League Champions Manchester United for new season and Nani has played well for his club. Nani has proved his talent once again and maintaining his form from last season. Manchester United’s boss Sir Alex Ferguson has praised Nani and revealed his comparison with Ronaldo. This victory gives them big boost and Nani’s talent also exposed very well, but Manchester City has taken it is a pre game to correct their mistakes. Manchester City player Micah Richards has said that they will improve them and find out their problems to recover their defeat over Manchester United.

Premier League matches are going to start in one week before that this victory for Manchester United   is needed one and helps Manchester City to recover from this. Many reasons are focused in pre season matches and helping effectively to both teams, but Manchester United and Manchester City are deserved to win with their team work. We cannot misjudged any team with their starting of the play as well as all teams are deserve to win.

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