Manchester United can be Winners in 2014/15


What happened to the storied club of Manchester United this past season? Quite simple, they were far from good. At his time the Red Devils are currently sitting in 7th place and trailing the Premier League leaders by 15 points! Anyone familiar with the league knows that this season is over for Manchester United and they are only playing for their honor, because a finish in the top five is quite unlikely.

What must they do to be a good and feared clubbers year? Here are a few ideas that might make them a challenge for others, unlike this past season.

Get Athletic on Defense

The current players on the Manchester United defense include: Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidić, Patrice Evra, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, and others. The common factor among all of them is the lack of athleticism.

Manchester united defense

When you look at the defenses of top teams like Bayern, Barcelona, and Real Madrid among others, they have players on their defensive side that can make plays with their athleticism. Until Manchester United does not gear itself with sympathetic dudes on their side of the pitch, winning will be difficult.

Rooney’s Mindset has to Change

Wayne Rooney needs to act like a gentleman and take on the position of team captain with pride. If he is to stay at United, he needs to back up his manager and take pride in leading the teamwith a raised head.


None of us are in the changing room of the Red Devils after a match, but my estimated guess tells me that when they are losing Rooney is not the man the guys are looking to. With an aging squad that will require turnover, and with the season they are having, United needs its star from years past to lead.

Moyes Needs to Stay

Do you trust Sir Alex? If I had asked that same question last year when he a announced his retirement and the promotion of Moyes, how would you have reacted? Most likely, there would have been more confidence with the decision before this disappointing season. This however does not change the fact that one of the greatest managers of all time recommended David Moyes for the position.

David Moyes at Old Trafford

Is one season enough to judge him? Stopping to think about this for a second will help clear the way to a simple answer of no. One season is not enough to make changes and put them into work in a successful manner.

If Moyes is given, another year with a fully committed Wayne Rooney, and an athletic defender or two there is no reason to think that the team cannot succeed more.


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