Mancini Created Caution Regarding Present Game

Saturday match between Manchester City and Wigan was completely dominated by Manchester City and gave fantastic victory at 3-0. This match helps them to share equal points in points table with Manchester United, but the goal difference only push Manchester City to second position.

Every Manchester City supporters accept that all these credits go to Sergio Aguero for his outstanding hat-trick goals. Aguero was played a beautiful game with full energy while he was on the ground. Carlos Tavez’s first match in this season, but he missed a penalty that’s the sad thing to fans.

Anyway it was a good treat to fans of Manchester City, but Roberto Mancini, City’s boss warned players about their present game. Mancini has said that players should improve the game to lift the title and praised Tavez .

Roberto Mancini told: “We need to improve because we have started the season very well but the season will be long. “If we want to arrive at the end of the season still at the top we need to improve.” “We had 15 chances in the first half and we scored only one goal – this is a problem because the game can change any moment.

He continued: “Next time it’s better if we close out the game in the first half.”

“We started the season very well, but for example, against Tottenham we cannot concede a goal like that. “I think United are two or three yards ahead of us.”

Mancini about Tavez: “Carlo is not 100% at the moment, but I am happy for him because for me he played very well with Sergio. “He missed a penalty, but this can happen – usually he scores. “It was important for him to start, to play and to play well and maybe in two or three games he will be 100 per cent.” 


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