Mesut Ozil in Arsenal for trophy hunt

Mesut Ozil in Arsenal

Mesut Ozil said he will help Arsenal squad to fulfill their long term title dream. Arsenal has made record transfer on end of transfer window with £43million.

Mesut Ozil in Arsenal

Ozil said: “I want to improve myself further and I am looking forward to the style of play. Arsenal are well known for the strength of their technical game and their desire to play attacking football. I think I will fit perfectly into that. That is why I chose to sign for the club,”

“In the last few years, Arsenal haven’t been so successful, but we want to become more successful.

Carlo Ancelotti has no plan for him in first team squad and he needs to use world record transfer Gareth Bale.

“We want to win trophies. I think the fans are looking forward to that too.

“We have a very strong and a very young team that can improve a lot under the manager. I think we will win trophies because we have the potential [to do so].”

“I am the sort of player that likes to create goals. I think a lot of my team-mates know me as a player who is not selfish,”

“It makes me very happy when I create goals or score goals myself, but the most important thing is that the team reaches its goal and plays positive football.”

Ozil is excited about Premier League and he played one of the world’s best team so he can manage pressure in England.

“I am happy to be playing in the Premier League because everyone knows it is the strongest league in the world. There are simply a lot of top teams,”

“I want to prove myself there. It is a new challenge for me, a new task.

“I am looking forward to that. I want to improve further under the boss and in the team. I am really excited about it.

“I am so happy to be playing at Arsenal. I am honoured by it. I hope we can have a successful season.”


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