Mighty Liverpool, 5 goals in Tottenham’s net!


Liverpool played fantastic game in White Hart Lane, and humiliated Tottenham in their own ground by 5 goals to 0.

Fantastic Luis Suarez was the creator of another Liverpool victory, with 2 goals and 2 assists. Mighty Uruguayan played the game of “cat and mouse” with sleepy Tottenham defense, and his team well earned its victory.

Suarez scored first goal in 18. minute, when he was in the right place to put back Henderson’s miss to Lloris net.

In 40. minute Henderson reacted better, and after great team effort scored second goal for Liverpool.

To make things worse, Paulinho got red card shown in 63. minute, and after that moment the only question was – how many goals will Liverpool score?

Flannagan then scored the third goal in the game, and his first ever for Liverpool, in 85. minute Suarez netted again, and the final goal in the game is the work of Sterling, in 89. minute.

The game ended 0-5, and Tottenham manager Villas-Boas will maybe get sacked, after this humiliating defeat.

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