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Mourinho needs to blame himself and not the referee

Chelsea manger Jose Mourinho could well have been right earlier in the season when he said Chelsea were not prepared to win the Premiership, and while anybody listening just took it as Mourinho trying to play mind games with other teams his self-fulfilling prophecy could well come true after the Blues suffered yet another shock defeat this time at the hands of Sunderland thanks to a late Fabio Borini penalty.

Against the Black Cats, Chelsea looked every bit the better side yet despite creating plenty of chances it was the deep defending Sunderland that thwarted them each time with none of the Blues strikers finding that winning touch.

The loss at home to Sunderland also ended Mourinho’s 77-game unbeaten record at Stamford Bridge and while everyone knew it would never last not one person would have said that bottom of the table Sunderland would be the team to do it.

The sad part in the defeat for any neutral looking on was the Portuguese managers instance to blame others for his teams loss rather than himself by sarcastically thanking the referee rather than admitting his own strikers were just not up to the job of breaking down Sunderland’s defence and being able to score goals.

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp called Mourinho “embarrassing “saying: “What he’s just said is embarrassing.

You’re the manager of the team and you’re trying to deflect it to the referee,” he said on Saturday Night Football.

“They’ve had a lot of decisions go their way this year, namely the West Brom game and that last minute penalty. “Sometimes things go for you, sometimes they don’t.

“I think he should look at himself and look at his team. Lose at Palace, lose at Villa, and lose at Sunderland.

“That’s what’s going to cost you the title – not referees, not decisions.

“You’ve got to go and win those games. It’s up to your players to do it.

“You’ve had enough opportunities, you’ve had enough quality, you’ve spent enough money this year to beat Sunderland at home and if you don’t you’ve got to look at yourself, you’ve got to look at your team. There’s no point blaming everybody else.”

Chelsea  must now focus at the job on hand when they take the field against La Liga leaders Atletico Madrid for their Champions League semi-final first-leg match at the Vicente Cauldron on Tuesday evening, and try not to think about the game with Liverpool at the weekend who after winning today against Norwich are now 5-points clear of Chelsea at the top of the Premiership having played the same amount of games.

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