Nemanja Vidic backs title and Moyes



Manchester united skipper Nemanja Vidic has not lose hope for Premier League title just yet.

Vidic still believes United has ability to retain their title and early stage defeat will not spare them apart.

All the stories around the world has announced ManU is over for this year, but they have potential to compete in top-level competition in the world.

Vidic said: “I am not giving up, Not yet.”

“The next six or seven matches will determine how we are going to do. The results we get will tell us what our aim will be this season. ”

Manchester United is facing contender Chelsea in their home and this is a must win for both side.

ManU has many injuries (Rooney and Van Persie) so this game would be a battle for them.

He also commented on Chelsea match: “Chelsea away is a tough match. If we win it, we are six points behind them. That would still give us a chance to think about winning the title.

“I know it doesn’t sound right at the moment. But with a few wins in a row we still can challenge for the title.

“I am not saying to win it. But if we challenge, from there we can see what our position is.”

Recent stories have said ManU should have sign Jose Mourinho instead of David Moyes from Everton.

Fans and players give huge support to this new manager and it shows their culture in football.

32-year-old Vidic has mentioned about Moyes:”We had just changed the manager, so there was pressure on the new one. There were expectations. Everything was looking forward.

“If we had a better schedule and we had won the first few matches, maybe everything would have been different.


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