Neville is happy for Pienaar return

pienaar in everton

Everton defender Phil Neville said Steven Pienaar will give extra force to the Everton in thePremier League 2012-13.

This South African midfielder has returned from Tottenham on loan and he scored four goals in 14 matches in last season. He played for Everton from 2008-2011.

Neville has extended his contract with Everton for next one year and he is very happy with returning of Pienaar.

Neville said:”The way he played last year, he came back and seemed even better than he was in his first spell at the club,”. “He lights up the place, there’s no question about that. The players trust him, the manager trusts him and he makes us a better team.”

pienaar in everton

This Everton defender watched the game of Pienaar so he hopes this transfer will improve Everton’s squad. He also mentioned his permanent move is happy for players and fans.

“We all rely so much on him and I think he thrives on that sort of responsibility,”

Neville added: “I love him as a player. You can give him the ball in any position and he takes the ball and makes others around him play.

“Without being a great talker or being demanding of people, his body language and the way he leads by example on the pitch is fantastic.”

So everybody wants this 30-year-old South African international on Everton side and it happened.


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