Nike Maxim: A new concept in Premier League

Premier League 2012-13 is in peek of the hearts of the fans and players, because all the World league matches are going to begin very soon. Everything will start with new and fresh things, new dream, new players, fresh fun and new expectations but one common thing is new for all of us. Yes, Nike has designed new advanced ball for the new season is called Nike Maxim. Nike Maxim is the hot news in all the league news.
This ball is first choice for Premier league, La Liga and Serie A. The special feature of this ball is Nike RaDaR technology; Rapid Decision and Response is called as RaDaR. This RaDaR technology has a lab and field-tested standard of visual performance.
Special Features of Nike Maxim:

nike maxim
• Micro grooves of this ball give more accuracy and efficiency in play.
• Players can see the ball better during the play and get better accurate passing chances.
• This ball suits for all weather conditions with the help of flexible nitrogen-expanded foam.
• Visual power increased by thick geometric graphic and crisp edges of the ball will help players to pick the ball simply.
• Power and speed of the ball will get a boost by responsive rubber.
• Bright colors and sharp contrast used for the audience to see the ball clearly in all pitch environments.
• The five layer construction will give a better result in receiving and distribution, in all 360 spots of the ball.
• The Geo II Balanced Technology works for aerodynamic feature so the response of the ball will be good in accurate and powerful kicks.
So this Nike Maxim will be a new star in all football leagues.
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