Pari Saint Germain outrageous offer for Messi!


Pari Saint Germain rich owner wants Lionel Messi in his team. How far will he go to land the four time winner of the best player in the World contest? Reportedly, Pari Sen Germain will make a world record, cracking offer of 210 million pounds to Barcelona in January, and they will also make Argentinian the best paid player in the World.

Messi told the press that he will finish his career in Barcelona, but this season is different for him. He is injured, out of action, and he watches Neymar, the young summer signing from Brazil, how quietly stealing the show from him. Brazilian became team leader in no time in Messi’s absence, so it maybe have effect on Argentinian ego.

There is a never ending fight with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese is winning this round, and if we put money on the line, Messi could have enough motive to accept a big offer from Paris. It is a long shot, but French will try to force his way out of Barca for sure.

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