Petr Cech revealed his role models and title glory

After beating their main title contender in boxing day, Petr Cech hopes Arsenal can improve more in 2016 and march towards title.

Though he lost his personal record of 169 clean-sheets, he is happy for Arsenal’s three points against Manchester City.

He said on BBC’s Football Focus:  “The squad is very strong and once we have everybody available, the manager can use every player the way he likes,”

“That will be to our advantage and we’ll be able to go all the way.”

“We’ve been through the season with plenty of problems,” Cech said.

“Everything isn’t going as smoothly as we would like it to. We can’t avoid injuries – sometimes you have more, sometimes you have less – but we showed that even with the unlucky injuries at the moment that we manage to win games.

“I believe we will benefit from players coming back into the team, once they are fit.

“The season is long and anything can happen. But if we stay where we are until March or April, then we have the chance to win the league.”

On another special interview he revealed his role models on goal-keeping.

“When I was a kid I looked up to every goalkeeper and tried to learn from all of them,”

“I tried to pick up the pieces and complete the puzzle using all of their best attributes.

“If you look at Oliver Kahn you would see his character and aggression, he was living the game, and then you look at Peter Schmeichel’s presence and his key saves. Edwin van der Sar was fantastic at Ajax and then he did well in England.

“Gianluigi Buffon started playing when he was very young so I thought, ‘Wow, if he can play aged 18, why can’t I play aged 18?’. These are things you pick up and you try to take the best of everyone for yourself and work on things you can improve.”

He added: “If we drew 0-0 then I would’ve had the clean-sheet record but we would’ve only had one point, and this is not what it’s about,”

“The clean-sheet record is about winning three points and, if we win every game 2-1 from now on, we win the title.

“I would rather the title than the clean-sheet record. It’s a great personal achievement to have equalled the record but I hope the record comes with three points and a win because that is what’s most important.“

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