Steven Gerrard Returns To Liverpool

Liverpool’s midfielder Steven Gerrard has ruled out by groin surgery from last five months, but now he is completely ready to kick the ball. Liverpool has started their 2011 Premier League without their captain Steven Gerrard. Gerrard has admitted for his groin surgery on April, but he was not able to play further so again he went to hospital for get complete recover from groin problem. After recovering from injury, now he is ready play with full energy. Gerrard is expecting to play on September 18th against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane so he hopes to join the training next week, he has said this on Liverpool’s official website. 
Steven Gerrard has said: “I feel really good and I’m back kicking balls again – it’s all positive.”
“I should be back in full training with the team on Thursday or Friday of next week.”
“I won’t be involved against Stoke next Saturday, but my plan is to hopefully be involved in the game against Tottenham. It will be Kenny’s decision when I come back in.”
He told:“Since coming out of hospital my rehab has gone really well. I’m really happy and positive again. My groin is as strong as it’s ever been.”
“It’s not just what doctors and physios are telling me – the stats are there to prove it,”  he continued.
“My groin is tested when I’m working and the physios collect data. My groin scores now are better than before I even started feeling my groin.
“I’m in good shape and feel better than ever. My body weight, fat levels, and upper body strength are all good.
He added:”But it will take time for people to see me out playing again and playing well for them to believe what I’m saying in this interview.”

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