The Merry-Go-Round…


It is silly season in the transfer market with players being spotted here there and everywhere.

The current major transfer rumour circulates around Gareth Bale and a possible move to Spain. There has been no concrete bid for the player or even an enquiry so it demonstrates the influence the media can have on the football transfer marketplace.

Similarly, potential moves for stars Ronaldo and Hulk are being played out to a global audience. With no football to write about the media and especially the press are focused on engineering popular gossip.

Kicking the small guy…

When the media start to push player transfers, especially from smaller clubs it usually has a negative impact for the current employer. For example media coverage forced through Wayne Rooney’s transfer to Manchester United and more recently Wilfred Zaha’s move to Old Trafford was instigated by the media turning the head of a young player.  Should they have a responsibility to protect the game and developing talent?

In the end, transfer gossip sells and fans lap it up every bit as much as the media. It is part of the game and the interchanging modern structure.

Everyone loves a good rumour and here are a few more to wet the early close season appetites:

Scott Parker is wanted by old club West Ham along with striker Demba Ba

  • Hull City prepare for life in the top flight by upping their offer for Celtic striker Garry Hooper
  • Manchester United remain keen on Cesc Fabregas despite the midfielder wanting to remain in Spain

Can a Leopard Change its Spots?


John Terry will remain as Chelsea captain confirms incoming coach Jose Mourinho. The move signals the restoration of the ‘old guard’ which served the former Madrid manager so well in his  first spell. But is this is a step in the wrong direction?

One Step Forward and Two Back…

Chelsea have spent the last four seasons putting the building blocks in place for a solid manageable future. Mourinho was hugely successful in his first spell at the club but has a reputation for short term thinking and big spending. His first stint as manager saw the arrival of highly pricy stars such as Drogba, Essien, Cole and Robben.

There was little focus on developing younger talent into the first team squad and already there are suggestions of players such as Brazilian star Hulk being added to the pool. So will Jose’s strategy change or are Chelsea going to be left with another rebuilding process when he moves on once again?

Change of Stance?

Sources close to the club have hinted at a return for on loan Romelu Lukaku, signed with the future in mind, he spent a very successful season at West Brom. It demonstrates that a focus on youth may be part of the new regime.

Only time will tell, but the early signs are more of big spending, entertaining press conferences and domestic success.

Dressing room chemistry is also an issue, the power base of senior players at Chelsea have long held the ability to control. The return of Mourinho could cause dressing room divisions once again and result in the loss of quality players in the long term.


Chelsea offer £35 million for Hulk

Chelsea offer £35 million for Hulk

The news today that Zenit St. Petersburg star striker Hulk could be on his way to Chelsea comes as no surprise to me having lost out on the chance  to sign the man Roman Abramovich originally targeted Colombian striker Radamel Falcao.

The Atletico Madrid forward decided instead to join newly promoted French Ligue 1 side Monaco, who are spending like crazy so that they can compete with Paris Saint-Germain for next season’s French title.

It is not clear why Falcao would rather join a side that will only be competing in France next season rather than one that will be in the Champions League, yet Monaco’s tax status may have played a part as playing in the principality allows player to avoid taxes on their huge salaries.

Chelsea were interested in signing Hulk last season from

Porto but could not come to terms with Porto who were then asking £40 million for the striker, and lost out when Zenit St. Petersburg  agreed to pay £50 million for the powerful Brazilian.

Hulks move to Zenit has not lived up to what Hulk or the club expected with Hulk being booed by the home fans, and having a falling out with Zenit’s Italian coach Luciano Spalletti. Add to this friction in the dressing room over the disparity between his wages and that of the other team’s players and you have a world-class striker looking for a new home.

Zenit are now thought to be ready to cut their losses and let Hulk leave for what they consider to be a reasonable offer which if you believe the report in today’s British tabloid the Daily Mirror is £35 million from Chelsea.

Chelsea’s new manager Jose Mourinho is known to be a big fan of Hulk who was originally supposed to be Didier Drogba’s replacement, and with talk that the Blue’s other target Napoli’s Edinson Cavani is being courted by Manchester City, Mourinho does not want to leave his side short of attacking options.