Jurgen Klopp: Gerrard is younger version of Ferguson


Five wins in a row in all competitions and chances are more favorable to finishing in top-flight Premier League position. These are the new achievements of new manager Jurgen Klopp in England.

He did the same with Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga and led them to a top contender in all major tournaments. Now it can possible in Anfield too. Klopp transformed the team with what he has, no new signings and no big price tag players.

Liverpool is silently moving upward since his arrival from Germany.  He wants to bring some new blood to team during January window.

He got call from Sir Alex Ferguson and he revealed their phone conversation to media, but he cropped it.

Klopp about Alex Ferguson: “He said congratulations and the rest is private. But I’ve had the huge honour of meeting him a few times and of course he is a role model for every manager in football.”

“It was a big pleasure because he’s a funny person and something like a book of history in football so it was good to spend some time with him.”

Last week, former Liverpool giant Steven Gerrard was appeared in Anfield and did some training with players and new manager.

He compared Gerrard with Ferguson: “He has the same thing as Alex, only a younger version, It’s good to have him here.”

“It’s very important to us because we can show that if you behave like Steven Gerrard in the years he was here and work like he did, then the door has to be open always and that’s what we’re doing now.

“Everybody knows him better than myself so it’s good to have him around because he’s a nice person and all the players love him.” He concluded.


Pellegrini wish to bring another legend to Manchester City

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]anuel Pellegrini said he would like to sign Liverpool Legend Steven Gerrard to Manchester City. He already did the same thing with Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard.

Lampard made a serious impact on his match against his former team Chelsea and Pellegrini impressed with his contribution and fit in the squad.

Gerrard plans to play for Liverpool after the contract closes, but there are many speculation over his move with Major League Soccer teams Red Bulls and New York Cosmos.

He said: “I won’t be retiring this summer,”

“I will play beyond this season. We will have to wait and see if that’s at Liverpool or somewhere else. That’s Liverpool’s decision.”

Meantime, Manchester City boss interested to bring this veteran to see in blue, but as Gerrard said its upto Liverpool now.

Pellegrini said: “I don’t ever rate players on their age. It depends on the money they cost and the number of years they have left on their contract but, like Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard is a top player who can continue at a high level for a number of years.”

He also added: “We could not do the loan with Falcao because we did not have the space for him in our Champions League squad. The amount of money for this loan was also too much when you had the Financial Fair Play behind you. But I don’t think we should have regrets about what we did in the summer. We did very well because we did all we could.”

Underdogs in Premier League title hunt


Steven Gerrard believes Liverpool can win the Premier League title because they are not in Champions League.

It is the time to show the strength to the world and rivals of Premier League title 2014. Liverpool has been fighting hard for a silverware since their last league title in 1990.

Reds captain Steven Gerrard is happy with performance and being an underdogs of the Premier League title.

“Well, I think it’s very nice that people are talking about us and we are in the title race – there’s no getting away from that,” the Reds captain said. “We’re in it.

“But it’s important that we stay calm, keep taking it game by game and try to win as many as we can.

“Man City and Chelsea are still the favourites if you like because they’ve got that experience of going to win it.

“But I think they both know, listening to Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini, that we are a big threat because we’ve got no Europe and we can be fresh every game.

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“It does suit us at the moment being underdogs. What suits us as well is that we’ve got a lot of time to prepare.

“We’ve worked on this formation all week. We chose to play a diamond and I think it shocked Southampton.

“We broke, played on the counter-attack superbly well and could have got more goals.”

He has praised Luis Suarez and happy to have him in same side. Suarez has completed 100 games for Liverpool with 62 goal, which includes 24 goals in this season.

“I’ve run out of words to describe him,”

“We’re blessed in this country to have some really top forwards, top, top attacking players.

“But for me, without being biased, he’s the best. I’ve said it many times, I look at Messi and Ronaldo and, yeah, they’re world-class players.

“But outside of that, you’ve got (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic and Luis Suarez who are pushing those two really close.

“Performances like this, where he hasn’t scored for four or five games, but he’s getting assists, he’s causing so much problems. He’s relentless. He’s a winner, he’s a killer and we’re lucky to have him.”

Steven Gerrard: Suarez can compete with Ronaldo and Messi



The England skipper has insisted that the Liverpool striker can become one among the best players likewise Cristiano Roanldo and Lionel Messi.

Luiz Suarez has been in a great form for Liverpool. Scoring 13 goals and 2 assists in just 10 matches , he has earned the praise around him to become one of the best in the world. The Salto born striker  scored four goals against Norwich in Wednesday’s Premier League encounter, helping his team secure an easy 5-1 win .

Steven Gerrard believes that the Uruguay international has performed out of this world in recent times and can rival Ronaldo and Messi for the best player award in the upcoming years.

The Red’s skipper said, “You have seen a world-class performance, probably one of the best individual performances I’ve seen at Anfield – and I’ve been playing here a long time. Having worked with him every single day, it’s probably less of a surprise to me as it is for the supporters. I’ve been pushing his corner for a long time that he is up there with the best in the world.

“I think he’s getting so close to the main two, Ronaldo and Messi. If he keeps going, I think he can catch them.”

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers also insisted that the Forward is one of the best strikers in the World, after their match against Norwich.

He said, “I always like to talk about the team but I think you’ve got to hold Luis up as one of the best strikers in the world,” he told reporters at his post-match press conference. ”It was an incredible performance. It was sheer brilliance, it was a joy for me to watch the team, I thought technically we were very good but to witness that, it was a remarkable individual performance.”

The Liverpool Manager  did not hesitate to confirm that Suarez is happy at Anfield. He added :

“He’s probably the happiest he’s been here, you look at him and the maturity in his performance. I think this club suit him perfectly and I still think his best years are going to be here because of everything. The profile of the club, the connection with the supporters, Anfield itself, you can see it’s a hand in glove fit for him and the type of football we’re trying to play allows him to operate in those spaces we create.”

Rodgers: Gerrard is my top signing this summer

Gerrard In these days when it seems as though players do not care about the club they play for preferring to make it all about themselves.

It is nice to know that this can never be said of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who grew up to play for the team he supported as a young boy.

In fact it seems inconceivable that Gerrard will ever leave Liverpool and could very well end up managing the club or certainly being an ambassador.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers thinks so highly of the boy from Bootle that he is saying that for Gerrard to sign a new contract is his signing of the summer.

The Liverpool captain put pen to paper last week singing a new contract that will keep him on Merseyside till after his 36th birthday.

The Reds are playing a testimonial for their most loyal player on Saturday against Olympiakos that will mark Gerrard’s 15th year as a Liverpool player with all proceeds from the game being given to the midfielder’s charitable foundation.

His influence here is still at such a high level – the role he’s provided for me is so important,” Rodgers said. “I told the club in the summer that our biggest signing could be Steven Gerrard, because of the influence he has on everyone. It’s about his hunger to learn and the leadership that offers.

It’s vital to have a good lieutenant and him and [Jamie Carragher] were certainly that for me last year – and he has picked up the baton again.

Rodgers then went on to say that the 33-year-old still has a lot left to give to the club, especially when it comes to the younger players.

. “I don’t see anyone like him, he’s absolutely phenomenal and still someone who is very, very important,I just see the quality in his game. He is still, for me, the best passer of a ball in the Premier League.

 You see some of them he hits from all over the field and it’s incredible, how he strikes it. Nobody can do it like him.

He’s 33 now, but I feel he could go on for a few years, he could adapt his role where he can become the playmaker. His role will be to make the team tick, get them playing. And for me there is no better player in the Premier League to do that.

Reports in the newspapers this morning are that the Liverpool captain has had a word with unsettled striker Luis Suarez urging him not to go to Arsenal but to wait until a top Spanish side wants him.

“If he was to go abroad to a Madrid or Barcelona I would totally understand it. He’s a South American. He’s good enough to play in either of those teams.

“From a family point of view, it’s where they all want to be. Javier Mascherano, Xabi Alonso, some of the top players I’ve played with – their dream was to play for Real or Barcelona.

“If I was him I would wait for one of those two clubs because I think he’s good enough to play for them.”

As for Gerrard he has been playing for his dream team all his life, and knows the Reds would have a better chance of Champions League football were Suarez to stay at Anfield.