Zlatan Ibrahimovic released on free transfer from Manchester United

Zlatan United

After having a stunning one year run with Manchester United, former PSG forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has released from Manchester United and again listed under free transfer.

35-year-old netted 28 goals in 46 appearances for United in all competitions. He got serious knee injury while playing Europa League Quarter-finals on April.

Despite he posted few recover videos on his social media pages, still he needs five more months to recover this. Also it will raise a question about the fitness to play in one of the toughest leagues in football.

Though Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has good long run relation with Ibrahimovic, this injury is a big blow for Ex-Barcelona forward and forcefully he ended his season prematurely with United.

Manchester United confirmed the release list and Ibrahimovic is the only player on the list.

His agent Mino Raiola said: “Many clubs have asked for Zlatan.

“He can play two more years and will stay in Europe, 100 per cent.”

During Ibrahimovic’s short run with Manchester United, his team mate Paul Pogba had a good time with on-ground off-ground. Place the winning odds on Ibrahimovic’s next replacement and his next move. You can have the best football accumulators on the odds of Ibrahimovic to continue playing.

Pogba Said:”He is a player who helped us a lot from an athletic point of view as well as from the mental side on and off the pitch,”

“He’s a wonderful person, incredibly funny, I only spend great moments with him.

“On the pitch he is a winner, he added this mentality to our team. He scored a lot of goals this season, nobody would have thought that given his age.”

Real Madrid player Alvaro Morata is heavily linked with Manchester United move. If he joins with Old Trafford, Ibrahimovic’s place will be filled with energetic youngster.


Ibrahimovic: They will remember me for the rest of their lives

Zlatan United

35-year-old Manchester United forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic stated that critics and ex-players, who said he will be a failure in Premier League, will remember his name.

Manchester United’s top scorer this season (Scored 18 goals in all competitions so far) mentioned that he came to Old Trafford and playing in one of the challenging competitions in the world to prove him once again.

He also said if he achieves big thing with Manchester United and bring them to the top, he will feel more than happy.

Ibrahimovic said to Thierry Henry: “I have no problem with the criticism because I went through this my whole career, this is something that triggers me, gives me energy.

“People talking about me, saying: ‘You’re dead, you’re this, that’, ex-players talking, and I don’t even remember them when they were playing. But one thing for sure is they will remember me for the rest of their lives.

“After many years of talks like: ‘He can never make it in the Premier League, he can never make it there’, I had my little adventure going around different countries, and when they felt it was most difficult for me, I chose to come.

“Let’s say a person in my position would take the easiest way, go abroad, make money in China, or the other side and settle down with the career he had, I choose not, I took the challenge, accepted the challenge, and that’s what I chose.

“That’s why I chose United also, in a situation where they struggled for the last four or five years, and if I can finish the task to bring them to the top, I will be more than happy.

“I don’t like the easy task, the easy job, the easy objectives, I always had it hard whenever I went. I needed to do much more than the other ones, and that’s how I see it here, at the age of 35, people said it would be impossible but I am doing what I am able to do.”

“I am working hard, I like the hard work, I am very happy that I am from the old generation, the hard-working generation.

“I believe the new generation, let’s say it’s a bit easier for them, because they get explored in the media in a different way, much bigger, much faster than when I popped up in the football world.

“I met team-mates, played with different teams, and they worked hard to get what they got and achieve.

“I don’t want to say it’s totally different, but I don’t see the same hard-working thing today when I see the new generation, because like you say, when I come I like to work hard, and when I work hard I am satisfied.

“I know I am doing something good, but for myself, not for somebody else to say: ‘Oh Ibra you are working hard’.”

Source: http://www.skysports.com/

Who will lure Zlatan Ibrahimovic in England?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Paris St Germain forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic refused to confirm whether he would stay at the French capital next season. One of the enigmatic forwards in world football, Ibrahimovic has really come of age in the last few years. He has played a major role in transforming PSG into a global giant. However, the 34-year-old is at a time where you should consider the possibility of extending his career beyond one or two years. PSG may be ready to offer the Swedish forward a one-year extension while Ibrahimovic will see other destinations as being more attractive.

Ibrahimovic was once again at his destructive best after scoring one goal and setting up the other for Adrien Rabiot. The Swede has now contributed eight goals – through goal and assists – in the Champions League from a similar number of matches. Despite concerns about his age, he remains as one of the most potent forwards in Europe right now. The goal against Chelsea helped him go beyond the 30 goal mark for the campaign. There appears to be interest from the Premier League in the Swedish international. Football betting odds places PSG at 7/1 for the European cup, which has been the objective of the club’s owners when they took over five years ago.

On his recent interview with Skysports: “Age is just a number. The difference is how you feel. I feel young, I feel very young. The season I’ve done so far, I’ve never had a better one statistically.”

Despite Ibrahimovic’s future being unclear, manager Laurent Blanc continues to prefer the former AC Milan and Barcelona star over the much younger Edinson Cavani. The Uruguayan came on as a substitute in both legs and he is widely tipped to leave in the summer after completely falling out with the club. PSG have now qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League for a fourth consecutive season. They are no longer the underdogs in European football, as they need to be considered as a potential champion.

Blanc will mostly be worried about his team’s weakness when enjoying possession. Much of Chelsea’s attacks came from PSG being put under pressure when having the ball in their own half.