Van Persie In Top Of Juventus Transfers List

van persie in juventus

van persie in juventus
Juventus are planning hard for Arsenal player Robin Van Persie and he is the top position on their transfer list. Juventus transfers are focusing a lot on Van Persie and they are in the row with Manchester United and Manchester City.

Van Perise’s contract with Arsenal is going to end in this year, but Arsenal is not showing interest to keep him. He is the best goal scorer 2011 and gave top performance to his team on last season.

This Dutch man’s future in Arsenal is not confirmed so other teams in the premier league are looking up for him. Top teams Manchester United and Last season title winners Manchester City are in RVB chase.

Juventus transfers keep RVB’s name at top priority and ready to pay around £20m. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has told he won’t like, if RVB moves to another Premier League team.

Wenger Said: “I would be happy for him to stay in the English Premier League – at Arsenal.”

Arsenal will replace Van Persie by Spain’s player Santi Cazorla from Malaga. Cazorla has a good record in international and club.

So Juventus have more chances to get this 29-years-old Netherland’s striker. Juventus transfers are saying they are also very much interest for Manchester City player Edin Dzeko and he will be altered for Van Persie.

If they don’t get a positive response from Arsenal, then they will switch to Dzeko.

Juventus transfers are listed with more alternatives for players and eager to get classic players for the new season.


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