Villas-Boas Confident on Chelsea’s Squad

Andre Villas-Boas said there is no sure about new bid for Luka Modric in January transfer window and happy to see Drogba’s recover. Chelsea has put many bids to bring Modric, but every deal has been rejected by Tottenham. At last, Chelsea was ready to make bid about £40 million for Luka Modric and no response for that. Chelsea Boss has revealed that no further move for Modric. Last match between Chelsea and Norwich gave victory to Chelsea, but Chelsea striker has got concussion. Now, Didier Drogba is getting recovered from that and starting attends in soft sessions.

Another boost up for Chelsea is comeback of Petr Cech and David Luiz so Blues are preparing to face Manchester United. Villas-Boas replied about Drogba: “He has to be authorised medically to make his full return to training,”

“He has been doing light sessions, of course, with our physios.

“Let’s push it to the limit to try for him to be available for Man United.

“I wouldn’t say he would be available for Leverkusen.” Villas-Boas said.

He continued: “The first days were, of course, tremendous pain, and he had his family supporting him.

“He had complete support from the medical staff, who were with him 24/7.

“And we’ve been getting this support to him.

“We just have to make sure that he’s fully recovered before he comes back to training because that’s the requirement you have to do neurologically.”

He added: “David Luiz went with the national team [Brazil] last week. He was selected, but not available to play because we felt he was in the last process of recovery. Both players have done extremely well since the whole squad got together yesterday.” 


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