Welcome Euro 2012

One of the greatest events in football is going to start soon and all the teams are preparing to show their talents. This year’s most expected event in football is Euro 2012. Two weeks before only all the main events amongst clubs has been finished so now the time to support the national teams. Four groups, 16 teams and two countries for host this Euro 2012. Poland and Ukraine are going to give this amazing treat to football fans and it will be a huge tournament for teams also. Most of the eyes are focused on England because of their new boss Roy Hodgson. Hodgson has changed the team totally and inserted new technique for his first big tournament. He has listed England team with performance only, but so much of injury gave him lots of confusions. In the end of this Euro 2012 will decide whether he chose the players effectively or not.
Group B will be a class one because Top teams Denmark, Portugal, Germany and Netherlands are included in that. This Group gives us nice play time throughout the tournament. All are knockout rounds so there won’t be second chance for them. Spain is working hard for consecutive win in Euro 2012. After one year, Fernando Torres called for national team so it will be an important one for him.
I described some of the teams and players only, but we have to wait and see for new raising stars in this Euro 2012. It is difficult to cover all the qualities from a single player, but he should show his respect to his country by a nice game.


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