Wenger clarified Van Persie move

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Transfer news in football is telling Robin Van Persie’s exit from Arsenal and will join in any Manchester team and Serie A team Juventus. Arsene Wenger is clarified there is no offer for Van Persie move until now.

Arsenal and Manchester City were played friendly match in Beijing Friday night, Manchester City won by 2-0 lead. During the post-match press conference Arsene Wenger has told there are zero offers for RVB so far.

Also he added Van Persie never wants to leave the club and he loves to play for Arsenal. Finally, Wenger clarified all the rumour about Van Persie’s transfer.

Manager Wenger said: ‘We have not had a single offer for him. Stop asking about him.’manager wenger

‘We have just played a football game tonight, there are four English people here and there have been four questions about Van Persie.

‘I have talked about that, I am not talking about that question anymore. Do you understand?

‘If you understand and respect what I said, then why do you ask me again?’

He added they have enough numbers of strikers for them including Van Persie and new arrival of Podolski and Giroud. So they are concentrating about new season ahead them no more transfer things.

Wenger doesn’t like questions about Van Persie and they are focusing about team, not about individual player. They played just a friendly and practicing match nothing more than that.

Last season’s English premier champions Manchester City’s boss Roberto Mancini has mentioned they didn’t bid for Dutch striker and agreed with Wenger’s statement. He told that Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the world, so Van Persie to city is not true till now.

Mancini commented: ‘I think Arsene Wenger is right. Robin van Persie is a fantastic player, but he is an Arsenal player.

So all the rumors about Van Persie comes to an end, but he may leave Arsenal in end of summer until that he will play for Arsenal.


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