Will John Terry Play Against Spain?

England is going to play with World Champions Spain as a friendly clash on coming Saturday. There is no sure about Chelsea’s Captain John Terry’s role in this match because of some kind of words against Anton Ferdinand. This incident makes him to stay out of team and England boss Fabio Capello is looking deeply to replace his place with other players. And the England board are not going to say anything against Capello’s decision. England board managing director Adrian Bevington told:  “There was absolutely no disagreement whatsoever.
“What Fabio chooses to do now with picking John or not, in terms of playing or being captain, that’s entirely up to Fabio.
“We do not have any input or involvement in that. In the same way with the squad selection, that was Fabio’s decision and we supported him in that.
“We met for a final time on Friday because we wanted to leave it as late as we could in terms of the investigation before we named the squad.
He added:”We were all in agreement, as these were allegations at this stage and nothing more while the investigation goes on, that John was in the squad as normal.”
 “The police are very clear they don’t want us discussing the case. That is something we have to respect.”  


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