Zlatan Ibrahimovic invites Rooney to France

Zlatan Ibrahimovic said Paris St Germain is the best place for England striker Wayne Rooney and France is the place for best player like him.


Sweden player signed with PSG from Milan and plays very well as he plays before. He also paired with some top class players David Beckham and Thiago Silva. Now PSG is playing quarter-finals in Champions League and draw their first-leg against Barcelona.

Manchester United is not going to sell 27-year-old Rooney and make new deal with him. PSG president Nassed Al-Kheaifi denied Rooney’s speculation with PSG.

Ibrahimovic old: “If he wants to be part of the best project in football then there is only one club to sign for.But Zlatan has invited Rooney to France.

“Only he knows the decision he is going to make in the summer but the project we are trying to build here is clear.

If Rooney joins with PSG, Ibrahimovic believes they can challenge Europe side.

“We are not content with being the dominant force in France, we want to be the top club in Europe as well.

“I can understand why the owners are interested in Rooney – he is in the top 10 of strikers in Europe.”

Rooney has praised by one of the great strikers in the world, but he feels more connection with home team Manchester United. Even though players are getting old, Manchester United always respects their players.

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