7 Ways to Keep Your Family Entertained During Lockdown

Keeping everyone happy during lockdown is no mean feat; the temptation is to do nothing at all. Let’s resist that temptation and do something we’ve haven’t done before.

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Once you have watched all the DVD’s, read your entire library, and finished the jigsaw puzzles, there’s not much left. So let’s go back to basics and find something fun and educational for all the family.

Check out these fun ideas to entertain everyone during the lockdown.

Lockdown has been particularly hard on the sport-loving community. Families who live football haven’t been able to go to games and support their home side – so here’s an idea, write your team a football song, this could be the answer

1 – Write a Song using Helio Workstation

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Unless you’re a musical genius, you will need some help. Consider using Helio Workstation; it is a powerful songwriting tool for those who have a little knowledge of music theory. But, regardless of your skill or expertise, Helio Workstation helps you to hit the ground running and create a masterful tune

Similar to Hookpad and Waveform, Helio Workstation, built around the Nashville number system of transcribing music, offers melody suggestions, highlighting chords and rhythms that go together. And it’s free to use: so that’s the music sorted. What about the lyrics?


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This songwriting tool features a database of all information for recording a song, copyright information and, of course, publishing details.

But the real deal about this software is the rhyming dictionary, thesaurus and dictionary. So you suggest a sequence and the software says yea or nay.

Ableton Suite

Simply this software is both music and words, almost a combination of Hookpad or Workstation and Lyricist. A popular songwriting tool, working in both songwriting mode and production mode, it’s an interface and sampler blended for best effect.

It’s possible to make multiple recordings and the possibility to blend live music and recordings make this software very popular.

2- Learn How to Create a Gif

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Firstly, what is a gif? Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format and used in social media, and It’s the funny moving images or film shots. These animated gifs can be made on your phone. Use the step-by-step online guide to help. These are fun, but memes can go viral.

A meme is a funny picture that usually has a special flashing or moving graphics that are used on social media and are nearly always topical. Football gifs are particularly amusing, remember the Jackson Jaguars dance gif or Shakira at the Superbowl? 

3 – Make Wallpaper

I’m not suggesting home decoration, or paper printing techniques, but I am suggesting phone wallpaper.

Learn how to make and download your team as wallpaper for your phone. Upload your favourite photos to a downloadable platform like canva or adobe and create animated wallpaper for your home page. It’s easy to do, and in most cases it’s free.

4- Create a Podcast

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Use a name for your podcast that includes your subject. Those searching for your topic can find you – something like goals and goals: we all know what it’s about and that’s the point. Don’t make it too long; 30 minutes is the magic amount of time. Release new episodes once every two weeks: don’t keep your public waiting too long or they will tune out.

There’s no point in recording a great show on lousy equipment. It’s worth investigating a good microphone for your computer or laptop. Once you have mastered the sound quality, you will need to edit out others’ noise and maybe add music. Again, there are lots of options on the web, and lots of them are free to the user.

Finally chose your podcast host, the dedicated home for your work. Unfortunately, you can’t just upload to Spotify or Apple you need a host first. So do your homework and find a host that suits your needs and budget. The host will put it into libraries for you. Just remember, once you’ve started and gained a following you will need to keep talking.

5 – Make a Mini Movie

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Sign up to YouTube and with just your phone to hand you can make a movie. If your film is reasonable lots of platforms will pay a fee for original content.

Write a script to go with your movie. There are all sorts of platforms out there looking for original texts. Here are a few writing tips to get you started.

Start with the ending first. If you know where you’re finishing it might help you start. Make a movie about something you know about, re-create the critical goals of the last few years or tell a story about a famous footballer, the more ridiculous the idea, the more views you will get.

6 – Keep Scrapbook

Way before the internet was invented, boys and girls across the world collected football cards, and they used these to trade in the school playground. Now the whole idea of obtaining this sort of memorabilia has moved online.

Auction houses and online dealers are looking for scrapbooks from the turn of the century onwards. Look in the loft, shed or outhouse, ask grandad, and you will find an entire community out there who want to trade and discuss the old days. 

7 – Play online Football

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Whether your choice is American football or soccer, there’s a game for you. Fifa has an updated game ready to release with the new PS5 available later this year. So no matter who your hero is, you can play in the dream team. What’s more, this is interactive; it’s possible to play football with others from all around the world.

So there is no need to be bored, and there are always ways to keep the family entertained during the lockdown.

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