Alexis Sanchez: The Arsenal fans are amazing supporters

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rsenal is going to play first North London derby of the season this Sunday at Emirates Stadium.

Alexis Sanchez, who is nominated for FIFA’s 23-man player of the year award, feels the heat of this derby and going to play fifth clash since joining in 2014. This derby will decide the pace with Premier League top contenders.

Sanchez interview on “It’s going to have everything,”

“It’ll be a high-intensity match with plenty of hustle and bustle. I’ve played them a few times now and the first time I didn’t know what to expect.

“They told me I had to start strong, and I remember I got taken out early on but then told myself that wouldn’t happen again.

“We like to dominate possession and pass the ball around, but we’ll have to be wise to the counter-attack.”

“Absolutely  yes, fans do come up to me and say to win this game , it’s a game that they want to see us win at all costs.”

“They’re a massive rival. My team-mates and I will leave everything on the pitch.

“The Arsenal fans are amazing supporters and that really helps me to perform well and want to give them something to celebrate.”

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