Arbitrage betting as a way to profit on bets

Nowadays most sports fans are betting in bookmaker offices in hope of making a fortune. However, most of them get only loss as almost all strategies available for now are inefficient. Some bettors still succeed after all due to arbitrage betting strategy.

How it works?

Arbitrage situations (arb) in sports betting appear due to bookmakers odds difference and give to gambler a chance to bet the opposing outcomes of the event and get safe profit regardless the result.

Bookmakers fail to quickly react to the odds change during the event and cause arbs to appear. The competition between bookies is also a reason for such situations to pop up, which also encourage them to uprate the odds. But mistakes in the bookmaker lines usually occur.

Arb Types

Arbs are usually divided according to the following criteria: the number of outcomes and the beginning time.

number of outcomes

  • 2-way arb (the most simple arbs)
  • 3-way arb(more difficult to process)
  • multi-way arbs (arbs with 4-5 or more outcomes which are really rare)

beginning time

  • prematch (appear with events that are about to begin in some period of time)
  • live (appear with current live events)

Arb Case

B1 – H1 (-1.5) = @1.85, H2 (+1.5) = @2.15

B2 – H1 (-1.5) = @2.06, H2 (+1.5) = @1.82

You can see the odds for one of the matches with two different bookies for La Liga. The odds are for the handicap win.

The regular bettor won’t notice a thing in here, but professional arber would immediately see that H2(+1.5) with B1 and H1(-1.5) with B2 for an arbitrage situation, since the odds are over 2.0. Betting both these outcomes simultaneously, bettor would get profit regardless of the score.

Please note that this the simplest example, which you hardly ever come across. In fact, arb search takes too much effort and time to calculate them fast and unambiguously.  That’s the reason for most gamblers to use arbitrage betting services like BetBurger. Such services take over the searching process and entirely simplify arbing.  

BetBurger analyzes more than 100 bookmaker lines in 27 sports and provides the list of available arbs in the convenient table. Arber just have to select the arbitrage situation according to his requirements and place bets in few clicks.

Another advantage of BetBurger is its extensive functionality to simplify the working process.  

It’s worth noting that the service includes additional functionality like the above-mentioned calculator, hiding menu, plugin for direct link to betslip etc.

Guide to Arbitrage Betting

Keep some rules when it comes to arbing:  

  • necessarily alternate arbs with ordinary bet;
  • round your bets (10.00$, 20.00$ etc);
  • request withdrawal as seldom as possible;
  • avoid high percent arbs (newbies better to stick to 3-7%);

To sum up

Arbitrage betting obviously help beat the bookmaker, and material in the article is an impeccable proof. However, you need to master the search\calculation by yourself or entrust it to the scanner, which do the job for you.


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