Arjen Robben hopes for Bundesliga title win

Arjen Robben

Arjen Robben believes Bayern Munich can win more trophies in new season. Bayern Munich beats defending champions Borussia Dortmund by 2-1 and won Super cup before the season starts.

Bayern Munich is the most successive team in Budesliga, but they have failed last two terms. Furthermore, they have lost Champions League cup in penalty-shoot with Chelsea.

Robben trusts they are in right track of the game; he is looking more trophies for his team.

Arjen Robben

This Super cup will help them to achieve more in League as well as other tournaments. They have won 21 titles in Bundesliga so far.

Robben stated: “Hopefully this will help us get more trophies this season,
“It was important for us to set an example today [Sunday]. We are on the right track as a team.”

Bayern skipper Philipp Lahm is enjoyed this win and hopes to continue this victory in the league too.

Lahm told: “I was happy, The first half was especially good because, as we have all seen, Dortmund can really play football.”

Their disappointment in League matches and Champions League comes to an end by this win. This win definitely gives them extreme joy, because last five match against Dortmund was ended with defeat. Bayern put full stop for that continues bad result against Dortmund.


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