Arsenal would be wise to replace Emery with these 2 tactical geniuses at the earliest – Agreed?

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Why Arsenal should replace Emery with Gerrard instead of Arteta

When Arsene Wenger left Arsenal, it was pretty evident that it would take time before the north Londoners could find a new manager as reliable as the iconic Frenchman.

A similar situation took place at Old Trafford when Sir Alex Ferguson retired from being Manchester United’s manager. Back in the day, the two legendary bosses had quite a fierce rivalry and it is interesting to note that in their absence, both clubs are struggling to regain their lost glory.

The problems that are plaguing the Red Devils can be another story for another day. But in this article, we will focus on Emery and Arsenal.

When one looks at their league position, the Gunners are currently placed 6th and with half the season left, it hardly looks bad.

Upon closer inspection though, things look far from fine. With a negative goal difference and no wins in their last 4 league games, Arsenal are certainly battling some tough times. As a result, Emery’s future is uncertain, if a report from The Sun is to be believed.

Where there is smoke, there is fire and similarly, where there are rumours of an exit, there will be rumours of some potential arrivals as well.

This case is no different and below, we analyze two managers who have been linked with the job and conclude as to who would be the better choice.

Mikel Arteta

According to The Sun, Mikel Arteta is one of the prime candidates when it comes to replacing Emery.

The modern-day Arsenal legend is currently serving as assistant manager to Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

He has been a part of their domestic successes in recent times and although one may argue that he is yet to prove himself in a big job, it must be noted that Arteta is currently working alongside and learning from one of the best in the business.

City have not struck the same chords this season when compared to their last few campaigns but one can hardly blame Arteta for that. Having been a part of all things good under Wenger, Arteta would certainly be a brilliant choice to replace Emery.

Steven Gerrard

Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit recently claimed that Steven Gerrard would be a great choice for the Gunners (h/t Daily Express).

Gerrard’s influence on English football and Liverpool is unparalleled. In fact, few can argue against the fact that the midfielder possibly changed the complexion of the game as a player. And now, he is taking big strides as the Rangers manager.

Although his first season was a bit lukewarm, Gerrard has learnt from his mistakes and is certainly providing a tough fight to arch-rivals Celtic this term.

The usually predictable Scottish Premiership can go either way this time and it will be interesting to see how things play out. However, Gerrard’s faith in youngsters and tactical nous makes him a good option for the Gunners.


While both Arteta and Gerrard are working wonders in their respective clubs, it must be noted that the latter has an edge in this scenario.

If Rangers manage to win the Scottish Premiership this term, Arsenal need not have any qualms about hiring him for the job. But it remains to be seen if Gerrard is willing to manage a rival club after enjoying a scintillating career with Liverpool.


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