Ashley Cole caught on Arsenal’s party, Mourinho furious!


Mourinho canceled Chelsea’s traditional Christmas party because of the forthcoming match against Arsenal, unlike their opponents. Most of the players didn’t like that decision, but Ashley Cole went furthest – he appeared on Arsenal’s Christmas party!

Cole drank and had fun on his day off, did Mourinho criticize him?

“I canceled Christmas party, but I gave players day off. They needed it because we worked hard this week, so they’ve got free time to see family and friends, and maybe relax at home. I certainly didn’t mean to go to club and get drunk”, Mourinho said.

“But”, Portuguese manager continued, “I am not Cole’s father, I am his manager. He can spend his spare time whatever he wants, as long as he is capable of getting job done in the game.”

Press asked Mou will Cole play against Arsenal, and Mourinho answered:

“No, he will be on bench, or at home.”

So, Mourinho isn’t that cool with Cole’s behaviour…

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