Bad News: Man Utd could suffer massive Champions League draw disadvantage

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Manchester United could be counting themselves very unfortunate in Friday’s Champions League draw and they would have their local rivals to blame.

Due to UEFA rules, no two sides from the same city can play at home on the same night, or even on consecutive nights in the Champions League.

So if both United and City are drawn in to play at home in the same set of midweek fixtures, then one of the sides will have to move, and that will be the Red Devils.

UEFA decided that the best way to pick which side has to swap fixtures is on league position from last season. United finished behind City, so their fixtures would be reversed.

If both Manchester sides were drawn to be at home first then United would be forced to switch and play their first match on the road.

Whilst this does not always play out, it is generally seen as an advantage to have the second leg at home in front of your own fans.

UEFA  confirmed the decision, stating: ‘Following a decision made by relevant local authorities, Manchester City and Manchester United cannot play at home on the same night, nor on consecutive nights.

‘Should both clubs be drawn within the same sequence [home or away], the team having finished lower in the domestic league the previous season — in this case United – will be reversed in accordance with the UEFA Club Competitions Committee principles.

‘In accordance with paragraph 21.01(b) of the UEFA Champions League regulations, the UEFA administration will determine which matches will be played on Tuesday, which matches on Wednesday.’

The draw is to be made at 11am on Friday 15 March.


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