Bechkam Saluted For Guardiola’s Job

Last week Pep Guardiola has announced stepping down from Barcelona as a coach. In the Champions League Barcelona will not play in final this year because of two semi finals defeat by Chelsea. Guardiola has done fantastic job for Barcelona and still he deserves to be there, without any doubt. Past four years Barcelona earned record break titles and showed brilliant game on the field. David Beckham praised Guardiola for his job so far. 

Beckham said: “Pep is not only a great coach, but also a gentleman.”

 “I’m a fan of Real Madrid, but I loved the way his team played and he deserves everything he has achieved. I wish him well.”

Guardiolo has talked after Barcelona beats Rayo Vallecano. He said: “This team is young, Tito knows the players well and I’m confident that Barcelona will continue to be competitive [under him].”

“I’m grateful for all the praise in response to my departure, although I didn’t pass away. I’ll still be around.””We, as a club, apologise for the celebration, as it did not reflect the attitude of Barca players. It won’t happen again.”
He added: “If Pinto doesn’t get injured, he’ll play in the Copa del Rey final,” “He helped us to get to the final for the third time in four years.”

“I am also very happy with Pedro’s performance. He is one of my favourite players as we started out together in the fourth division.”


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