Benitez believes in Chelsea to achieve more

Rafael Benitez

Rafael Benitez, Chelsea’s new boss journey still continues with no win and no loss, so fans are to upset with his presence in club.

Benitez did good job for Liverpool, but he is trying to repeat the same in Stamford bridge. Its a different area and its a new job, so he will take some time to adapt team and fans.

Rafael Benitez

Drew with Fulham makes supporters feel bad, but he cant do magic in field, he has to be patient for feel the victory.
He can easily accepts all critics and boos, but he will earn players rewards cards soon by performing hard.

Benitez said: ‘The main thing is to win games. If we do, we’ll be there and we can win competitions.
“We need to start doing that and the confidence will come back.’
‘It wasn’t easy for him, or [Eden] Hazard or Oscar,’
‘We were on top of them [Fulham], regaining the game higher up the pitch, and might have won it in the last minute.’
He added: ‘You cannot be satisfied when you haven’t won these games,’
‘City are a top side, a team with a lot of options.
‘Today, I saw a lot of positive things, sustaining the attacks and regaining the ball very high.
‘I didn’t like the two chances we gave away on the counter-attack, and when we didn’t move the ball too quickly, but it’s a question of time.
‘We’ve only had a few training sessions. We need more time.’
‘We have too many games now, so we have to manage the squad.
‘We cannot play the same team every time. We have West Ham, Japan, too many games.’
‘If you talk with them, and we do all the time, they’re quite happy with the things we’re trying to achieve,’
So he believes Chelsea can finish this season with success


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