Betting Companies Have Become Very Rich after the FIFA World Cup

The word FIFA stands for Fédération Internationale de Football Association. It is actually known for the football World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup started in the year 1930, and after that, it has been held every four years excluding the years 1942 and 1946 because of the World War II.

Every four years, the championship is hosted by a different country. There are several countries who got the chance to host the event twice like France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, and Mexico.

FIFA has nominated the future hosts as well. For that, Qatar is going to host the 2022 World Cup, and Canada will be hosting it in 2026.

FIFA World Cup’s current format includes “qualification”. This means that some of the teams play the qualifier rounds to qualify for the World Cup. Later, when the top 32 teams are left, the tournament goes with a knockout format.

FIFA’s current champions are France, who took over from Germany, and they have been crowned with this title for the fourth time. Brazil, on the other hand, has won five FWC titles which are actually the most. There are other teams who won the title twice or once like Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France, and Spain.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting

If you search online for sports bookmakers, you will find hundreds of bookmakers placing bets on all kinds of sports. More than 700 million people watched the championship, and the bookmakers take great advantage of this. Online FIFA betting gets totally into the business during an FWC. There are bookmakers like 10bet, 12bet, 888Sport, etc. which include FIFA in their betting book. There are a lot of online casinos where you can bet for the upcoming match. A lot of them attract the audience by putting different kinds of startup bonuses. There are casinos that actually offer £ 20 free no deposit bonuses for others.

FIFA betting has become very common in the year 2018 as online betting has taken good control over the betting market. For FIFA 2018, the most favourite team to win the tournament is “France” and hence, putting bets against France would give users much money back if it loses.

FWC 2018 – Breaking All the Records

This year World Cup has been the most unpredictable football event so far. A lot of strong teams got knocked out by the small teams in a very earlier stage. The most favorite team for the year 2018, Germany that was the former champions, was knocked out by South Korea in group stages.

The upsets and unpredictable behaviour of this championship have taken its views to the highest level ever. FIFA 2018 has beaten the 2014 World Cup in the viewership battle. According to some International media measurements, 393 Million plays off of the first week were streamed successfully, which are equal to 6.9 billion viewing minutes. According to a report, viewership of the first round of the championship was 65% more than the viewership of the whole FIFA 2014 World cup. The number of streams hit a record for the day when Germany played against South Korea. The estimated stream amount on that day was 9.7 million. In simple words, 75% of all the matches played in the first round have exceeded the bandwidth for the whole 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Unpredictable Results

Every FIFA World Cup comes with some new upsets. FIFA always manages to produce a lot of unpredictable results. There is a trend coming from the year 2006, that every team that wins an FWC gets knocked out in the group stage in the next championship. These unpredictable results generate high money for the bookmakers for the sport. Whenever a team has high chances of winning a match, placing your bet on the other team gives you more money back if the team of your wins.

You may see different things on these bookmakers’ websites like “-150” and “+220”. These are actually the payouts of the bet you make. “-150” means you will get $1.00 for every $1.50 you bet on a specific team. On the other hand, “+220” means that you will get $2.20 for every $1.00 you bet. In a match like Germany vs. South Korea, placing your bet on South Korea may have given you much more money than placing it on Germany.

FIFA World Cup 2018 has brought a lot of money to the bookmakers. The unexpected results made a record-breaking number of people watch the World Cup. The World Cup 2018 has beaten all the previous viewership records in any FWC. With this much hype of viewership, betting has also raised a lot. In future, FIFA is going to generate even more views and for sure more betting.


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