Big plans will work with David Silva: Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin De Bruyne hopes his combination with City’s playmaker David Silva is works better. Former Chelsea player scored seven goals and assisted 14 times for Manchester City after his £54million summer transfer from Germany.

De Bruyne and Silva are managed to start just three games so far, but he believes they can play bigger part to bring glory to Manchester City

He Said: “We didn’t play that much together, and that’s been really difficult for both of us, but he’s such a great player that it’s easy to play together with him,”

“Everybody has his own style, and I think we play almost at the same position, but we’re very different players, so it’s better to have different players who play together than to have all the same.

“I’m more direct than him, he can keep the ball a little bit more than me, so with the two together that’s an advantage and we can switch different things.”

He also mentioned about their worst defeat against Liverpool.

“It happens, we didn’t play well against Liverpool, we lost, so we had to move on,”.

“I think against Juventus we played much better, we deserved a draw over there and here we also showed a reaction.”

Manuel Pellegrini has praised Belgium star and expecting more man-of-the-match displays.

“He’s a very technical player and I always say the way we play is good for him with his style of football,”

“I hope he will continue making good assists and working the way he did – scoring goals is also important.

“He also scored a lot of goals in Germany, so we brought him here because he is a mix of a creative player and also a goalscorer.”

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