Biography of Mesut Ozil – Why Is He Such a Prized Player?

The Truth Behind the Legend – Mesut Ozil

To put it simply, Mesut Ozil is a German football player, playing at the moment for both Arsenal and the national German team. However, there is more to Ozil’s story. The German footballer Ozil started his career very early, finding himself at the age of 22 already in the semi-finals of 2010 FIFA World Cup. What are the essential skills that increased his value as a player and popularity? Mesut relies mainly on his creativity and finding the right pass at the right moment, by being agile and versatile. Mesut followed his dream and the peak of his career wasn’t too far away.

After winning the first seasons of Copa del Rey, he strengthened his place as an attacking midfielder, which positioned Ozil on the list of the most valuable football players of all times. The fact that he was compared to Zidane in his early years of career will prove to be enlightening for Ozil, as he will manage to become one of the most expensive German football players of all times. This fame was mainly caused by his returning to England and joining Arsenal, for almost €50 million.

Mesut Ozil – Skills and Moves that Made Him Famous

Ozil is best known for his excellence in being a technical player, either as a midfielder or winger. Not only that, but Ozil is also a pioneer in creating new attacking positions in football, one of these being developed during 2010 FIFA World Cup, where he would move from the center to wider position, which would give him better control when he had the ball in his possession. Another important characteristic which makes him a top player and determine football odds today is his determination and passion. Moreover, Ozil is known for being an excellent team player, as there were many the situations when he created possibilities for his colleagues to pass and score – a sign that Ozil assists his teams, as well as fights for it with every single opportunity.

A Winner’s Attitude – Mesut Ozil

As it happens in every match and sport, there are times when players are not at their best, either physically or mentally. However, a winner’s attitude is always looking forward and helping his team, either if it’s playing together with them or supporting them from the outside. One of the most dangerous Ozil injury was when he missed a match of Arsenal against Cardiff Citty, because of a shoulder injury. It is not an easy task for a player like Mesut, having had already so many victories and prizes, to be substituted, as it happened during Champions League. Because of this, he missed important matches of his team against Chelsea or the big Manchester City.

5 Unknown Facts about Mesut Ozil

Mesut Ozil is one of the most famous German players in the world, however there are things which were hidden from the camera and public. Some of the unknown facts about him are:

  1. Ozil’s older brother, Mutlu, also plays football and used to give Ozil the first football lessons, while he was still very young.
  2. He was so passionate about playing football that it is believed he used to take the football ball to his bed and sleep next to it.
  3. The moment when Ozil started to get recognition was during Gelsenkirchen College years.
  4. Ozil’s father started understanding the football business more and more and became his son’s agent for a while.
  5. Mesut Ozil always Holy Qur’an before every match, according to the Muslim tradition.


All in all, the lift of Mesut is filled with many victories and tough times that he has passed through in a professional way. His professionalism and dedication to the biggest passion, football, have brought him on the top list of the most valuable football players of all times.


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