Bizzare day in English Premier League


A lot of strange things happened in the EPL yesterday. Nicolas Anelka scored two goals for West Bromvich, and celebrated it with a reverse nazi hail, which was vastly used in France during World War II. Growing antisemitism in France is an issue in Anelka’s country. Is this gesture Anelka’s support for the extremist organizations? Anelka could face a ban from English FA because of this.


Joe Hart could have lost his eye in the duel with Crystal Palace stryker Cameron Jerome. The two players collided in air, and the City goalkeeper was very lucky because the punch didn’t came only two centimeters up. If it were, maybe he would lost an eye, and his playing career would be over. Hart made heroic effort and finished the game, and Jerome had to be subbed.

Cardiff owner Vincent Tan also made a gesture which we never saw in England before. His team suffered from a late equalizer in their game with Sunderland, and the home team crowd were desperate. Tan also went wild and booed his own team at the end of the match.

In the same game, Sunderland striker Borini had to be subbed at half time, because he collapsed in the dressing room. He was rushed to the hospital, and it seems that everything is ok with him.


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