Brazil will have the cheapest ever World Cup tickets




Call me a skeptic, but do you think that the 1.2 million people we saw protesting on the streets during the Confederations Cup has had anything to do with the fact that footballs governing body Fifa has decided to sell tickets at a discount as an attempt to lure fans to come to Brazil?

With ticket prices to be announced on July 19th the General Secretary of Fifa Jerome Valcke has said that 70% of the tickets would be less expensive than previous events.

Despite all the public demonstrations against the World Cup and the corruption and crime in the country Fifa President Sepp Blatter claimed the Confederations Cup that ended on Sunday to be a huge success, and when talking to reporters on Monday said:

“I am happy we come to a conclusion now with a sporting result and the impression that the social unrest is now resting – I don’t know how long for.”

The head of the sport’s governing body also went on to talk about reports that some of the stadiums would not be finished in time with some of the grounds having to be adapted at the last minute in order for the Confederations Cup to take place and with fears that the country’s infrastructure would be unable to cope with the amount of expected visitors Blatter went on to say: “When we started the competition there was some uncertainty what would happen.”

When asked about security concerns for the World Cup all Fifa officials would say was that it was a matter for the Brazilian government.

During the Confederations Cup people protesting the event and the fact that Fifa gained tax exempt profits after a high investment of public funds that could have been used to better the lives of ordinary Brazilians the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowds.

I for one think that the World Cup should have been moved to the United States following the unrest we saw on the streets of Brazil, and that as a fan I put my safety above football so despite loving the game I have no desire to attend the competition in Brazil next summer where I predict there will be more violent protests as people from around the world watch the matches on television.

One final note to the geniuses that organised the Confederations Cup that while I know they could not have predicted who would be in the final. Having the match kick-off at midnight in Europe before a workday was stupid especially when it could have been played on Sunday afternoon instead of at night.



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