Can Conte Repeat His Magic Next Season?


Chelsea have had the most amazing of seasons as they recorded a total of 93 points and managed to win in 30 matches. If you have told a Chelsea fan before the season that they would comfortably win the English Premier League, match the league’s longest winning run, and be second to Mourinho’s Chelsea from 2004-2005 in terms of points gathered, he would have said that you were out of your mind.
However, this really did happen and if you don’t follow football regularly you can visit sbat live scores and check for yourself. The fact that Conte achieved these things with a Chelsea team which finished 10th the previous season really speaks volumes about his credentials as a coach.
But can this Chelsea team repeat the same feat and win the league next season as well? Well, it will all depend on how several things play out.

Keep the Core Players
Chelsea have a squad which is full of young talent. However, most of these players sit in the reserves or get a limited playing time in the first team. This means that next year Conte will again have to rely on the players which took the biggest share of the burden this season.
Keeping players such as Hazard, Curtois, Kante, Matic and Fabregas should be Conte’s first order of business. Clubs like Real Madrid have been circling around Chelsea’s squad like vultures, but Conte and the board must resist their riches if Chelsea are to repeat the same achievement as last season.

Buy Smartly
Conte has insisted on several occasions that Chelsea should act smartly in the transfer market and only buy the right players for the right price. Marcos Alonso and N’Golo Kante were good examples of how this smart buying benefited Chelsea this season and it seems that Conte will once again only splash the cash if the right player is available.
This means that Chelsea will most likely go for players which will represent good value for money. These would probably be players which are going to be heavily scouted to ensure that they are the right fit for the Blues.

Backing of the Board
One of the biggest problems that Chelsea coaches had in the past was the Chelsea board’s treatment. Mourinho, Di Matteo, and Ancelotti were all sacked because they didn’t live up to the standard they had set for themselves in the previous season.
Should Conte’s Chelsea underperform at the start of next season the same fate might await the Italian. The board has been unequivocal that Conte will remain their manager even if he doesn’t replicate this season’s results, but these words of backing mean nothing when Roman Abramovich is concerned.
The Russian has been known to quickly lose patience and if Conte fails to deliver he might soon find himself searching for a new managerial post.
This job insecurity is probably perfectly clear to Conte as well. The Italian seems to thrive under pressure, but a stronger show of confidence in his abilities will go a long way.


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