Cech wants another Champions League cup

Chelsea’s keeper Petr Cech has said Chelsea will hold the Champions League cup on coming season. Cech has extended his deal for four years with Chelsea. Cech hopes they have ability to make another record in Champions League. In Premier League 2011-12 Chelsea got fifth place this was the worst place after 2002.

30-years-old Cech is playing for eight years to this club and won 10 trophies. He says Premier League is the toughest competition in the world. Chelsea have signed Eden Hazard and Marko Marin. Cech believes new signings will boost their speed and will help win the Premier League title this year.

He mentioned they will defend the Champions League on next season and this is one of the biggest challenges to Chelsea. Chelsea also will prove their talent in Premier league.
Cech in Semi-finals of Champions League against Barcelona in 2012

Cech loves Chelsea as a second family and he is making history by highest appearing foreign player in Chelsea. He has an outstanding club record in Chelsea for not conceding a single goal in his first season for 1024 minutes.

He stated: “You want to be part of something which puts you on the limits and forces you to play well all the time, every game, no matter who the opposition is.”


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