Cesc Fabregas never leaves Barcelona for bench

Cesc Fabregas never leaves Barcelona for bench

Arsenal’s former captain Cesc Fabregas said that he wants to play more games for Barcelona as a first team player. Fabregas does not like his present situation in Barcelona.

Cesc Fabregas never leaves Barcelona for bench

Cesc Fabregas moved to his first team Barcelona from Arsenal last summer for 30million, but he is not used properly by Tito Vilanova, new manager of Barcelona, so far.

In new term, he didn’t play 90 minutes for Barcelona and didn’t use for the match against Real Madrid in Spain’s Super Cup.

25-years-old midfielder hates to sit in bench and wants to play more full-time games for Barcelona. He is unhappy with being a substitute. Also he is ready to play in his favorite three positions. Cesc Fabregas would like to compete with the best player in the world and don’t want to waste his time in bench.

“The manager knows what I can offer. But across the three positions that I can play, I am competing with the three best players in the world.”

“There’s no such thing as a great substitute in the world of football. I couldn’t tell you what makes a great substitute. I always wish my team-mates well and put a happy face on. If I have to take my unhappy face home then so be it, but I would never let my team-mates or manager see it.”

“I’m delighted to be a part of this team but when a coach tells me I have to go [to the bench], I’ll go,

“But I will not make it easy for him to do so, by any means. I will keep going, looking forward to the time that things change. I came here to see out my career.”

Fabregas has cleared that he does want to leave Barcelona and he wants to end his journey in Barcelona.

He avoids Arsenal link talks and he costs a lot in market. Fabregas knows his values, but he wants to stay in Spain. He loves Highbury than Emirates.

This Spain player won’t leave Spain for anything and he said that clearly.

“I came here to have a long career; People ask a lot from me because I cost a lot. I won’t give up, I want to retire at Barca.

“I knew I came here to compete with the best in the world. I will work hard to make things difficult for the coach,”

Cesc Fabregas has scored 35 goals in 212 appearances for Arsenal during 2003 to 2011. He played 31 games for Barcelona with nine goals so far. He will talk with manager before the International holidays ends.


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