Chamberlain Creats New Record

Arsenal defeat Olympiakos on Champions League match and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has created new record with this victory. Arsenal are not happy with their current position in Premier League Points table, but this victory will give good mind set to continue their journey in Premier League. Many players have been injured at the starting of this season so they could not make this well as a good start. The most important thing in this match is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain goal because he is the youngest player who scores in Champion’s League match. He was so happy about his goal and hopes to play this weekend.

Chamberlain told: “My dad was was here and I’m sure he will be happy with that.

“I’m definitely hoping to play Spurs this weekend. If I’m not aspiring to be in the squad then there is something wrong.

He added: “It is a hard squad to get into because we have some top-quality players in there and I have to keep working hard.

“It is always nice to score your first goal in the Champions League, but the main thing was getting three points.”

Rice told: “He’s got a bit of a challenge to try and get in front of Theo.

“Theo is a very strong guy as well and he won’t give in easily.

“He’s very friendly with Theo and no doubt Theo will give him the benefit of his experience.” 


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